A simple & clean Latex Beamer theme

September 4, 2012

Beamer is a great Latex class used to create presentations. Unfortunately, most default Beamer themes are very bloated and full of stuff that waste the usefull space of the slides. Looking for simplicity, I created a custom beamer theme that is simple and clean.

If you already know latex and beamer, it’s pretty easy to use it. Just download the file style.tex and put it on the same folder of you latex document. Then, you just need to include the file using the command \input{style.tex} at the begining of your latex document. The structure of your document should look like this:

% include your packages


\title{Presentation Title}
\author{Author Name}

  % your document content

You can download the theme from GitHub: https://github.com/aecio/beamer-theme. There you will also find a demo presentation, and a PDF of the demo presentation generated using the theme. You can use this demo as a template for your own presentations.

Here is how it looks like (I said it was very simple!):